Microwave Cheese Grill Toast

Items Required

4 Bread slices ( White or brown )
1 Onion chopped in small bits
2 Green chillies chopped
1 Tomatoes chopped in small bits
1 small Capsicum chopped in small bits
Tomato sauce
Mozarella cheese (grated)
Mustard powder
Salt to taste

Preparation Method

Start the microwave at the Pre-heat temperature of 250 degrees C.

In the meantime prepare the slices. Smear a layer of tomato sauce.

Then sprinkle grated mozarella cheese on it.

On top of it add a dash of chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes, capsicum.

Sprinkle mustard powder, oregano and salt to taste.

After the microwave gets pre-heated, it gives a time of 10 min to get the ingredients ready.

Then push the stop button. Do not use the crust plate as ithe toasts would get soggy otherwise.

On the other hand put the metal rack and place the bread slices in such a manner that at a time 4 slices can be grlled.

Select the microwave+convection button at 600 deg C for 4 min.

Let it stand for a minute.

Enjoy the snack!

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