Bologna kabobs

item required
1 ring (16 oz.) bologna, cut into
3/4-inch chunks
1 can (81/4 oz.) pineapple chunks, drained
1 can (16 oz.) whole potatoes, drained 1 green pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces Pitted ripe olives
1/4 cup orange marmalade
Cherry tomatoes

Setting: HIGH
1. Alternate bologna slices, pineapple chunks, potatoes, green pepper and olives on metal kabob skewers. Arrange on microwave roasting rack in 2-quart (12 x 7) glass baking dish. Spread mar¬malade over kabobs.
2. MICROWAVE for 8 to 9 MINUTES or until hot. Spear tomatoes on ends just before serving. About 4 Servings
TIPS Cooked sweet potatoes can be used for can-ned whole potatoes.
• Cooked ham, cut into 1 -inch cubes, can be used for bologna.
• Popsicle sticks make handy skewers for using in the oven.
• MICROWAVE on MEDIUM for 12 to 14 MINUTES in step 2.

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